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EcoTransIT – Carbon Emission Calculation for International and Domestic Supply Chains

Cloud Global Logistics is a proud cooperation partner of EcoTransIT World, Hannover, Germany.

Climate change is real. Corporate responsibility on reporting and lowering of emissions in the supply chain is now upon us.

With a growing focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Cloud Global has sought out the best global partner and IT solution to assist companies understand the impacts of their supply chain on the environment.

EcoTransIT World is pioneering software (and scientific methodology) to calculate carbon emissions in the domestic and international supply chain, identifying the environmental impacts of freight transportation in terms of direct energy consumption and emissions during the operation of vehicles during the transport of products. Moreover, the calculation covers the indirect energy consumption and emissions related to production, transportation and the distribution of energy required for operating the vehicles.
EcoTransIT has been in development since 1998 to cater for demand in Europe (and abroad) for understanding of emissions in domestic and international freight for Road, Rail, Sea and Air.
Since 2010 the software has been evolving with contributions from some of the worlds leading shipping lines, freight forwarders, rail operators and independent consultancies focussed on “clean supply chain” initiatives – to form a market leading emissions calculation tool.
Cloud Globals’ in depth knowledge of international supply chain processes and IT systems and passion for solutions in the area of sustainability aligns perfectly to the focussed capability of EcoTransIT to calculate carbon emissions in the supply chain.

  • Emission Types : GHG Emissions (CO2 Equivalents), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Sulphur Dioxide (SO2), Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), Non-methan hydrobarbon (NHMC), Particular matter (PM10)
  • Calculate Emissions : Calculate Sea, Air, Road and Rail Freight Emissions
  • Comprehensive Calculations : Well to Wheel and Tank to Wheel
  • Interfaces: Develop direct interfaces to automate calculations
  • Measure Supply Chain Carbon Footprint: Seamlessly capture and report on your supply chains carbon footprint
  • Risks: Understand your exposure
  • Measure, Reduce, Capitalise: Firstly measure your supply chain impacts; to then develop strategies to reduce; then capitalise on the efficiencies generated

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BSM – International Supply Chain Solutions

In global trade, integrated systems solutions to manage the international supply chain information are a must. The expansion and proliferation of social media, smart phone applications and data integration means supply chains can now be far more sophisticated and nimble than they ever were.

Information in the supply chain is readily available, but many companies simply don’t have the tools to gather it, manage it or analyse it.

Put simply, technology now allows exporters and importers to integrate their supply chain (internally and externally) and collaborate with their unique network of trading partners.

Buy Sell Move

Cloud Global Logistics is a proud partner of BSM Global (Buy, Sell, Move)

  • Export / Import Documents & Compliance: Online automation of your contracts, export / Import documentation and compliance requirements and execution
  • Direct Interfaces with partners and government agencies: Customs (EDN’s), Onestop (PRA’s, receival & vessel information, gated in & vessel loading updates), DAFF (Exdoc RFPs), INTRAA (booking requests & confirmation, release details via data exchange), Chambers of commerce
  • Logistics Platform: Seamlessly connect with your customers, suppliers, transporters and packers, DC’s – provide interactive daily reports and order status updates, automate the capture of changes and create exception reporting
  • Rates Management: Electronic management of shipping, cartage, packing & inspection rates, inclusive of validities and electronic ranking. Tender management and partner selection
  • Tailored Workflows & reporting
  • Complete Order and Transactional Visibility: End to end visibility and control of your international supply chain


Yellowfin – BI

Cloud Global Logistics is proud to partner with Yellowfin to deliver leading edge Business Intelligence (BI) technology to its network.

Yellowfin is a global Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics software vendor passionate about making BI easy. Yellowfin is a single-integrated 100% Web-based application.  Yellowfin’s mission is to build highly intuitive software that is easy to deploy, integrate, embed and even easier to use.  Yellowfin provides you with a comprehensive BI solution for your entire enterprise, offering superior Return on Investment (ROI) through widespread end- user adoption.  Anyone comfortable using a Web browser can easily learn to take full advantage of Yellowfin’s broad range of world-class BI features. Yellowfin is a leader in data visualization, governed Data Discovery, Location Intelligence, Mobile, Embedded and Collaborative BI.

Why Yellowfin?
  • Connect to multiple data sources
    • Yellowfin easily allows your business to connect, consolidate and analyse data from multiple sources
  • Dashboards and KPI’s
    • Personalised and interactive dashboards to track, administer and measure your business
  • Location Intelligence
    • Add context to your data using location data, and map visualisation.  More than 70% of your data has a location component.
  • Collaborative BI
    • Yellowfin’s collaborative BI features provide a mechanism for you to share and discuss your business data, leading to faster and smarter decision making.
  • Mobile BI
    • Yellowfin is making Mobile BI easy on any device or platform, via native applications for the iPhone, iPad and Android as well as browser based delivery
  • Australian owned, operated and developed
  • Over 1,000,000 end users, across 70 countries

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