International Transport Emissions Reporting

Transport Emissions Reporting


Think for a moment about how you’re currently calculating your transport emissions – if at all.

Cloud Global, in Partnership with Scope 3 offers a new and revolutionary alternative.

Cloud Global has partnered with Scope 3 to bring together the international supply chain expertise and a pioneering IT solution to give you a level of automation and detail on international transport emissions data that has never been available before.

Sustainability is now a focus for companies – but there is a barrier
  • Supply chains are complex, involving multiple stakeholders and systems.
  • Reporting of energy consumption and emissions is time consuming and manual.
  • Carbon emissions in the physical supply chain for most companies are largely unknown or calculated using outdated methods.
  • Until now the technology has not been available to get end-to-end calculations.

We work with you and your supply chain partners to identify all sources of data along the international supply chain (sea, road, rail, air), then integrate these individual feeds into the EcoTransIT solution to create an aggregated source of the truth.

Analyse, Reduce, Offset

Environmental reporting made simple
Scope 3 make environmental reporting simple and reliable with an automated process for the collection and analysis of your international and domestic transport emissions data.

Pinpoint accuracy for lower financial and environmental risk
Scope 3 provides you with world-leading accuracy in energy and emissions calculations, so you can make decisions with greater confidence.

Greater transport emissions transparency
A single supply chain view lets you see exactly where carbon savings can be made from process improvements and shifts to cleaner transport modes.

Achieve a carbon neutral goal
We help you understand emissions, then develop strategies to reduce them.  We also facilitate offsets into accredited schemes, making freight movements carbon neutral.

Leverage the insight of global players
Scope 3 and its emissions calculation capability constantly evolves based on the input of some of the world’s leaders in supply chain emissions calculation logic, giving you access to the most refined methodology possible.

We have flexible solution options from periodic analysis, pay as you go live reporting or direct systems integrations for a premium calculation solution.

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