Freight Brokerage Cloud Global Logistics

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Cloud Global takes a smart approach to freight brokerage by using a mix of optimisation tools to provide market best sea freight rates for our clients.


We combine next generation freight brokerage IT systems with the power of relationships

These include a variety of software systems which allows us to interface directly with all international shipping lines, as well as our long-standing network connections in the shipping and aligned industries. These specialist IT systems allow us to run rate tenders faster and provide you with rapid confirmation of the available rates, meaning less need to shop around, and less delays in the process.

We help uncover new opportunities

Because we regularly assist customers with shipping large volumes of goods every month, our freight brokerage services can help you improve your bottom line by giving you access to direct carrier rates. To make things even more clear, our freight brokerage pricing is simple and transparent. We give you full visibility of our margins so you can always understand what you’re paying for, and the cost of our freight brokerage service.

This extends to the supply of a full pricing matrix which can highlight new sales opportunities in new markets that you may not have considered, generating real, fresh opportunities for your business.


We are commodity freight brokerage specialists

We specialise in providing freight brokerage support to businesses engaging in frequent or large volume exporting of commodities including:

  • Logs and timber
  • Mining commodities
  • Dairy
  • Meat, skins and hides
  • Cotton
  • Grain
  • Waste products
  • Wine
  • Other export goods


For businesses that need additional support, we also provide full supply chain management and export documentation services – enquire now to find out how our full range of export services can help your export business.