Export documentation & trade compliance

export documentation services


Export documentation services


Managing the paperwork so you can manage the business

The export business is one half logistics, and the other half paperwork. Guess which half takes up the most time and can generate the biggest problems and delays? That’s why we offer export documentation services, through which we manage all documentation, trade compliance and communication to ensure your goods are cleared for export and your buyer is ready for them to arrive.

Our team ensures you are kept up to date with any legislative changes that affect you, and our proactive communication can help you with your planning process to better manage cash flow, meet your customers’ expectations and speed up your supply chain.

Export documentation services that we provide

We can manage the preparation and submission of all export documentation including:

    • Export, trade and shipping documentation
    • Export letter of credit negotiation and bank lodgement
    • Export customs compliance (EDN)
    • Export Department of Agriculture Compliance (EXDOC)
    • Export Port Compliance (PRA – VGM)
    • Certificates of Australian Origin
    • Inspection partner coordination (CCIC, CIS, SGS)
    • National compliance paperwork
    • Export permits and Certificates of Clearance

We can also liaise on your behalf with your logistics providers and customers to ensure your export process is seamless, trouble free and transparent.